About Us

Set In Stone’s mission is to support tech companies in addressing the security challenges of the innovations they deploy.

Our first solution, pioneering in the application of blockchain to security challenges

Founded in 2020, during the rise of remote work induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Set In Stone emerges as a strategic response to the security challenges of new work modes. Incubated at Station F, our company embodies the convergence between innovation and security, directly addressing the challenges posed by sharing information beyond the boundaries of security perimeters.

Our first solution allows IT teams to improve the traceability of incidents on the extended threat surface due to mass teleworking. We build our solution on blockchain layers to enhance incident traceability for file and message exchanges.

Commitment in the cyber ecosystem

Joining the Cyber Campus at La Défense in February 2022, right from the opening of its tower, underscores our commitment to being at the heart of the synergies of the French and European cyber ecosystem. This step marks our desire to join a dynamic network of partners and innovators.

New solution: Strengthening the fundamental security of Web3

In 2024, Set In Stone extends its expertise with the launch of a new service dedicated to supporting web3 companies in securing their applications. Our autonomous assistants, automating fundamental security for technical teams, represent a significant step towards democratizing security in the web3 ecosystem, offering an answer to the acceleration of cyberattacks and the shortage of cybersecurity talent.